Maintenance Tips

Look after your bike and your bike will look after you. Our maintenance guides help to keep your SCOR performing at its best.

Magura Brake Maintenance

Keeping your brakes working at their best is the key to a safe and fast ride. Learn how to bed-in pads, silence squeals and firm up lever feel with our brake maintenance guide.

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Every Ride Maintenance

Check out Bastien’s post and pre ride Maintenance pro tips.

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Workshop 101 – Part 1

SCOR’s sorcerer of the spanners has collected some maintenance tricks that will help your bike be better and stay in shape much longer. Shazam!

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Workshop 101 – Part 2

Now, it is time to move on to two important topics: wheels and suspension.

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How to Clean your E-Bike

Electricity and water don’t usually mix well but we know exactly how to clean your e-bike without getting any nasty shocks.

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