About SCOR

What if...

Imagine working in the R&D department of a bike company creating cutting-edge, high-performance road and XC bikes, but the riding you are most passionate about happens away from road stages and race tracks and you’re more interested in play than podiums. As a result you spend much of your day job daydreaming.

For a few guys at Swiss bike brand BMC this was the position they found themselves in. They wanted a mountain bike that was focused on fun and would help them push their limits; whether that was playing on the steep, tight and technical trails in the local Jura Mountains, hitting the jumps at the nearby Chaumont bike park or exploring epic singletrack in the Swiss Alps.

New Player – New Era

With access to state of the art in-house manufacturing capabilities (and an angle grinder) they decided to see if they could bring this dream to life, fitting it in around their regular work.

Ideas developed from sketches to metal and some weird and wonderful Frankenbikes were created in the process. Word on the project started to get out within the company and soon other like-minded riders got involved. The daydream evolved into an official project.

It was clear to those involved that this bike was something special. True to the original concept this was not a purebred race machine. It was a bike for good times not lap times, one created out of a passion for riding for the most important reason - fun. A bike built to play the mountains. It was also a bike that didn’t fit the performance-driven BMC brand.

Everyone agreed that this bike had too much potential to be abandoned or be left as just an interesting internal experiment. So the question came up, what if the project was given its own identity and the freedom to do its own thing, but backed up with all the resources needed to truly make the daydream a reality?

The answer to that ‘what if’ is SCOR.